For more than 50 years NP Lighting, a familiy run business, has been on the forfront of innovation when it comes to lighting components and whole lighting systems. NP Lightings roots lie in the development of superior high voltage gas discharge lamps or “Neon Tubes” for the advertisement lighting industry. Today however, NP Lighting also carries low voltage lighting solutions such as the FlexFluor line as well as LED based lighting solutions, propelling NP Lighting to be a world leader when it comes to specialized, custom lighting technology. This is combined with a lighting technology service designed to help lighting designers and planners realize their architectural, design, and art lighting projects.

  • The NP Lighting Group currently employs more than 150 specialists world wide. The 100% family owned NP Lighting Group currently achieves a yearly revenue of more than $20 million. The basis for NP LIghtings dynamic growth path are the gas discharge and the LED lighting technology. The different divisions of the NP LIghting group consists of:
  • Florescent powder manufacturing, noen electrodes, cold cathode and low voltage lamps - LED Systems at production sites in Warburg (Germany), Juniai (Brazil), and Seoul (South Korea). Consultancy services and distribution are available in: Warburg, Jundiai, Mexico City, Dallas, and Seoul as well as with our world wide partner network.
  • Research and Development takes place at the company headquarters in Warburg, Germany. In colaboration with the German Environmental Protection Foundation we constantly develop new lighting technologies that do not contain mercury or other toxic materials.


  • Everything is in house. We do our own research and development, produce the components required, plan, and implement. We are your partner in all lighting questions.
  • Superior environmental protection thanks to technology: We are hard at work finding solutions to the classical problem of the lighting industry: Mercury. With the support of the German Environmental Institute, we have developed 100% mercury free florescent tubes. Look for them in a market near you soon.
  • Tradition: Further to our efforts in research and development, we work closely with the users of our products. Glassblowers and factories that can shape florescent tubes into any shape you can think of, thus permitting lighting designers to realize a wide variety of custom lighting solutions and lighted objects.
  • Fascination Light: For us, light is more than just illumination. It is a requirement of life and a cultural good. It serves a function, can create wellness, provide the right atmosphere, and is elementary in architectural designs


  • 1948: Hans von Mangoldt founds the “Hans von Mangoldt Transformer Factory”, in Aachen, Germany. Among other types of transformers HvM manufactures high-voltage power supplies for the high voltage lighting industry (Neon).
  • 1973: Purchase of “Neon Products GmbH”, a distribution arm for neon electrodes made by Osram.
  • 1978: Purchase of the manufacturing facilities for neon electrodes of Osram. Purchase of the neon transformer production; Consolidation of all neon related activities under the company “Neon Products”.
  • 1985: Founding of “HvM do Brazil” in Jundiai/Brazil / Transfer of the electrode production to Brazil.
  • 1991: Founding of “Neon Products Lighting Technology GmbH” in Aachen, Germany - Set up of a manufacturing facility for coated tubing and neon processing equipment.
  • 1987-1997: International expansion  and founding of “Eurocom-Inc” in Dallas, TX, “NP Australia PtY/Australia”, “Euroneon Sa. De CV”/Mexico, “NP Korea” South Korea.


  • 2001: Introduction of the “HG+ - Philips Capsule Electrode”, the first mercury capsule neon electrode - Reduction of the mercury contents of high voltage gas discharge lights by %80.
  • 2002-2005: With the support of the German Environmental Department Neon Products begins the development of a non mercury gas discharge technology.
  • 2004: Neon Products adds LEDs (Light Emmitting Diodes) to its product portfolio
  • 2005: The German Environmental Association supports the development of a mercury free gas discharge electrode technology.
  • 2007: Set up of a manufacturing plant for LED-systems by NP Korea in Seoul
  • 2010: Promotion of the mercury free gas discharge technology by the German Environmental Foundation
NP Lighting Lichttechnik
NP Lighting HQ, R&D, Production and Distribution in Warburg, Germany
LED Color Testing
Color and Lighting Tests at our R&D facility in Germany
LED Life tests
LED Lifetime Tests of LEDs by Various Manufacturers
LED-Lighting Controls by Ecue
Elegant and Simple LED Control Technology
Mercury-free-gas discharge tubing
Mercury Free Gas Discharge Technology by NP Lighting