LED Lighting Systems for Signage
The most common LED lighting technology for use in signage are described below. LED lighting solutions are available for both interior (dry) locations as well as exterior (wet) locations. All products shown are availble directly through Eurocom.
LED Modules for Channel Letters
LED modules in chain arrays are the most commonly used product for illuminating channel letters. Thanks to their high flexibility they are optimally suited for placement along the round and straight runs of channel letters.
LED Modules for Channel Letters
LED Lit Subway Sign
LED Strip Lighting or LED Tape Lights
LED strip lights are flexible tapes typically sold per roll. You can easily create very long straight runs of light. LED strip lights are not so well suited for rounds, this needs to be taken into account during the planning process of your lighting installation. You will commonly find these LED strips illuminating kitchen and bathroom counters, closets, trade show booths, long contours to name a few applications.
Flexible LED strip lights
Simple Connection Sysem for LED Tape lights
Under Counter Lighting with LED Strips
LED Light Bars
Their small profile and enormous light output make LED light bars optimally suited for edge lighting applications such as light guide panels. These create a very flat area lighting to illuminate posters, information panels, or fast food store menus.
NP Lighting has further developed these light bars to come fitted with very tightly binned warm white LEDs for architectural lighting applications such as cove lighting. These light bars are also available with RGB LEDs.
LED-Lightbars for Panel Lighting
LED Panel
MX-LED Matrix Boards
The MX-LED line of LED pixel boards were designed for large area poster box illumination while permitting very thin cases (1.6“ to 3.14“). If more depth is available it is better to use either LED module chains or the ED-LED Poster Box LED solutions. Thanks to the tight spacing of the LEDs on the MX-LED boards a very bright evenly distributed light is created making them perfectly suited for light-box installations in indoor location such as shopping malls where there is large lighting „competition“.
LED Poster-box-lighting
ED-LED Box Lighting Solution
The ED-LED system was designed for the indirect illumination of light-box systems. They are installed in line along the frame of the light box. Thanks to their special lens the light is distributed fan-like into the light box. Their main advantage is the simplicity and speed with which they can be installed in a box. However, they do not provide the brightness levels achieved by the MX-LED boards. Depending on the build of the light-box, box width of 2.4“ are feasible. ED-LED systems are especially suited for double sided light boxes as they illuminate both front and back simultaneously. This saves both time and money.
LED Wall Washers
LEDs for Poster Boxes
LEDs for round poster boxes
Flexible LED Tubes
The LED Flextime is probably the LED technology that comes closest to simulating the look (if not the feel) of neon tubing. Their flexibility, form, and available colors open a wide range of new lighting possibilities for lighting designers and architects. The mushroom shaped PVC dome on top creates a light viewing angle of 270˚ and a light output angle of 160˚ thus creating a three dimension lighting effect.
Building contours, light sculptures, store- and bridge lighting etc. are only some of the possible applications. With a center placement of the power supply you can achieve runs of up to 65 feet. The connector technology we developed for this product provides an ingress protection rating of IP68 making their application in outside and wet locations possible.
LED Flextube Installation